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  • 奖项设置



    The Best Creative Award together with a bonus of RMB 50,000 and the certificate of honor

    The Outstanding Award together with a bonus of RMB 20,000 and the certificate of honor.

  • 参赛报名
    Qualification and Application




    This competition welcomes young designers and students from both home and abroad working or studying in the areas such as architecture, urban planning, landscape, art and other creative disciplines. Both individual and group candidates are welcome. There is no limit on the number of people in one candidate group.

    The schemes are required to be submitted in electronic format, including at least two A1 panel files and a brief introduction with no more than 500 Chinese words.All official documents of the competition will be made available in both Chinese and English, and Chinese will serve as the major language. 

  • 竞赛主题——“8公里趣岸”
    Theme: 8 km Fun bank




    The target site of the competition is the west bank of Mangdao River running through the center of Yangzhou Biodiverse and Si-tech City. The theme is “Eight-kilometer Fun Bank”.

    The total length of the target riverbank is around 8km, which will become the core segment on the LOOP, the 48-kilometer ecological circle. The goal is to develop this area into a model preserving Yangzhou’s water culture as well as to create the modern classic urban water environment in China comparable to the River Gauche in Paris through creative waterfront space design.

     “Fun” means to enhance the attractiveness of the urban waterfront space with innovative design. Creative design is encouraged to interpret the modern waterside space in Yangzhou with new thoughts and ideas. The scheme can be an entire design concept for the whole area as well as a focused design for a smaller area. Proposals of possible urban activities and exhibitions are also welcome.

  • 竞赛原则 
    Awards Setting




    Innovation: Being creative and original;

     Green and Sustainability: Combining the low-impact design with solutions to protect the vulnerable eco-environment alongside the river bank; People-oriented: Emphasizing the perception, use and experience of people.

  • 竞赛内容 



    ■    沿岸慢行系统的概念和设计方案


    ■    特色区段创意性设计


    ■    局部滨水区段城市设计


    ■    生态基础设施设计

    芒稻河西岸线本身就是一条水敏性高的生态走廊,方案可以从岸线空间本身为切入点,设计出充分结合雨洪基础设施和城市公共活动的弹性蓝图, 打造如美国纽约BIG U那样让脆弱城市低洼带充满活力的多元栖息地。设计中不仅要提出抵御洪水策略,更要作为滨水开放空间场所营造入手,提升了社会与环境的效益。

    ■    工业岸线复兴/船厂改造设计


    ■    水乡村落创意再生


    ■    重要节点景观/场地设计


    ■    城市活动策划


    ■    文化/艺术展览提案


    ■    城市公共艺术品/装置设计


    ■    其他节点、场所、系统创意性设计



    The competition encourages candidates to develop their designs from a fresh, open and creative perspective instead of in the traditional ways of building master plans. Focused design concepts and schemes for small-scale space or articles which could exert influence on the entire area (the leverage methodology) are more than welcome.

    We expect diversification and crossover solutions. The scheme submitted can be a design concept or urban/landscape design for the entire target area. Focused design proposals for a specific topic (e.g. space design for a specific node, art installations, etc.) are also encouraged. Candidates can choose one or more topics for their design from the following list.

       Concept and design for riverbank slow-traffic system
       Creative design for specific sections
    ■   Urban design for part of the waterfront areas
       Riverside industrial revitalization/ship yard transformation
       Creative renovation of waterside villages
       Landscape/space design of the key nodes
       Urban activities
       Cultural/art exhibitions
       Public art works/installations
       Creative design of other nodes, spaces and systems

       Eco-infrastructure design

      Candidates are allowed to choose one or more topics from the list to build their schemes upon. All topics mentioned above are suggested areas for design and are not compulsory requirements. Therefore, candidates are also encouraged to submit creative schemes and proposals for other possible topics.

  • 拟邀请评委名单(以最终出席评审为准)
    Judging Panel

    • Peter KindelSOM公司城市设计和规划总监
      Peter KindelDirector of Urban Design and Planning, SOM
    • Richard W. Thompson美国城市设计专家;
      Richard W. ThompsonExpert of Urban Design and Planning, USA
    • 夏铸九台湾大学建筑与城乡研究所教授
      Hsia Chu-joeProfessor, Guaduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University
    • 刘雨平扬州市规划局总规划师
      LIU YupingChief Planner, Yangzhou Planning Bureau
    • 段进东南大学建筑学院副院长
      DUAN JinVice Dean, School of Architecture, Southeast University
    • 刘珩香港中文大学建筑学院客席副教授
      LIU HengAdjunct Associate Professor, School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • 鲁安东南京大学建筑与城市规划学院教授
      LU Andongrofessor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University
    • 叶长安创设新社(香港)创办者
      Alvin YipDirector, Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (Hong Kong)
    • 黄卫东深圳市城市规划设计研究院有限公司常务副院长
      HUANG WeidongExecutive Vice Director, Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen
    • 肖为磨房深圳百公里徒步组织者
      XIAO WeiOrganizer, Shenzhen 100km

    • 参赛规则 
      Terms of Participation

      1) 获奖作品有机会以展览、图书等方式进行公开展示,并在竞赛官方网站、微信公众号、扬州政府网站和专业媒体(谷德、Archrace等)上进行宣传。

      2) 鼓励获奖者到扬州现场领奖、接受媒体采访。

      3) 本次竞赛活动收到的所有竞赛成果文件的著作权归参赛者所有,使用权归竞赛主办方和参赛者共同所有。其中,获奖者的设计成果在主办单位支付奖金后,主办单位有权免费使用优胜方案,获奖设计人不得将自己的设计方案另投他处或用于其他项目。

      4) 本次竞赛活动所有奖金含税。

      5) 主办单位提供给参赛者的所有技术基础资料(文字、图纸、电子数据等)均受版权保护。未经授权,任何人不得将内容复制、改编、分发、发布、外借、转让或者以其他任何方式披露、使用上述技术基础资料,否则将承担相关法律责任。

      6) 所有提交的竞赛成果文件内容均应是参赛者的原创,不得包含任何侵犯第三者知识产权的材料,也不得包含参加过其他竞赛的作品。如果成果造成侵权,将取消侵权方参加本次竞赛活动的资格,并由侵权方承担一切法律责任。

      7) 电子图纸中不得出现任何有关作者姓名和所在机构的文字或图案,否则将被取消参赛资格。

      8) 本次国际竞赛活动受法律管辖,竞赛工作和所有设计成果文件适用中国法律。

      9) 本次竞赛的最终解释权为主办单位拥有。

      1) Winning schemes will have the opportunity to be exhibited or published, and will be promoted on the official website of the competition, WeChat official account, government’s website of Yangzhou, and media platforms (e.g. gooood.hk, Archrace, etc.).

      2) The winners are encouraged to attend the award ceremony and take the media interview in Yangzhou.

      3) The copyright of the schemes is owned by the candidates, while both the organizers and the candidates have the right to use. The organizers have the right to the use of winning schemes without extra charge after the bonus is granted to the winners. The winners are not allowed to submit the schemes to other competitions or use them in other projects.

      4) The bonus mentioned above is the pre-tax amount.

      5) The intellectual properties of all technical documents (texts, drawings, electronic data, etc.) provided by the organizers is protected. Any disclosure or use of the above-mentioned documents, such as copying, editing, distributing, publishing, lending, transferring, is not allowed without official authorization. Otherwise, the individual or organization shall bear legal liability.

      6) The contents of the scheme submitted shall be originally created by the candidates. Any document that infringes the intellectual properties of a third party shall not be included in the scheme. Nor shall any document that has been submitted to other competitions be submitted. If an infringement is established, the individual/group candidate’s qualification for this competition will be cancelled, and the individual/group candidate shall bear legal liability.

      7) Names of individual or organization shall not appear on the electronic drawing files, no matter it is in the form of text or pattern/logo. Otherwise, the candidate will be disqualified.

      8) This international competition is subject to the governance of applicable laws and regulations. All activities and the schemes shall be governed by the laws and regulations of P.R.China.

        9) The organizers reserves the right to the final interpretation of the terms related to the competition.

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